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The Hole: Last Rites

No one outruns their own past. One day your sins will catch up to you.

What is the price for a lifetime of gluttonous indulgence in every dark aspect of men?

Copyright Tyrone Meijer 2020

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The Hole: True Purpose

One man’s descent into madness leads him to find his true purpose in the upcoming battle between good and evil.


After a confrontation with his personal demons which side will he choose?

Copyright Tyrone Meijer 2020

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The Hole: Last Rites

Some men are born evil. James Michael Gallagher is in the perfect place and time.


Feared by friend and foe, he's the perfect monster for the upcoming events.

Copyright Tyrone Meijer 2020

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The Hole: Ground Zero

A place deeply rotten to the core. Feeding itself for centuries on mankind's pain and suffering.

Slowly gaining strength over the years and expanding it's reach far beyond The Hole.

Copyright Tyrone Meijer 2020