A murder at Perkins, one of America’s oldest prisons, sparks an investigation that leads FBI agents Mitch Dekkers and Arnold Peters down a dark path of lies, crime and deceit.

Only to find out that the true killer is not what they expected. And they find themselves in a nightmare come to life.

The Hole is a creator owned comic book by Tyrone Meijer, a suspenseful horror thriller that will leave you wanting for more. The idea is to publish The Hole in four volumes, and release several short stories like The Hole: Last Rites and The Hole: True Purpose online. These stories will lead up to the main The Hole story and explain some of the back stories of the main characters.

We are working hard to finalize the first volume and with your support we want to realize this dream. Please check out some of our free content like The Hole: Last Rites and The Hole: True Purpose on this website. 

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